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Travel Processing System aka (TPS) is perfect for newbies and those with little to no technical skills.  By simply copying the pre-written ads and posting them on the online classified ad sites; Craigslist and Facebook, you’ll earn $47 for every order you process and your signup will receive a Free Vacation Get Away and a $300 Digital Hotel Savings card.  The process of “processing an order” happens when a new member signs up and pays the $47 to the person who posted the online classified ad that they are responding to.  When a payment is made, the sponsor will receive an email notification letting them know that they have just received a $47 payment from paypal.  The sponsors “job” is to actually process that order by copying and sending the pre-written getting started email to their new member which gives them access to the members area so that they can get started.

As a member of Travel Processing System (TPS),  you will receive immediate access to the members area where you will find the pre-written ads which include dozens of subject lines and ad bodies.  You will also receive access to our private Facebook group.  The $47 gives you access to all the benefits including the vacation getaways, hotel savings card for hotel and travel, and discounts on hotel, travel, dining and entertainment not offered to the general public. This amount is not to be altered to reflect other amounts. This is all included in the one-time $47 lifetime membership fee.

(TPS) is not associated with a company.  Because (TPS) is offered as an online income opportunity,  all $47 payments being made directly from member to sponsor, our attorneys have deemed it unnecessary to establish company headquarters.

The money making aspect (TPS) can be joined by ANYONE who has a Paypal account regardless of what country they reside in. However, in order to take advantage of the vacation getaways & incentives, they must be residents of the U.S. or Canada.

No. The only thing you would pay for with the hotel stays are the room taxes which is $19 per night plus the resort fees which could vary from $15-40 per night. For example, if you were to stay at the Westgate hotel in Las Vegas for three days, you would pay anywhere from $75-$140 for all three days instead of $585 which is the most typical rate for the same stay duration.

No. The certificates cannot be combined to prolong your length of stay. What location you select for your vacation getaway will determine the maximum length of stay and it cannot be modified. The maximum length of stay in this program is 7 days.

No. Travel agents book people’s vacations for them. We don’t. All we do is provide the vacations but we do not book the vacations for them. They must do it. Travel agents can book ANY trip anywhere. We currently have twelve locations available to give away. Not any location people want. We are not travel agents. We are travel processors.

Absolutely Not!   A get rich quick scheme (or scam) usually promises to make a person extremely wealthy over a short period of time, often at the expense of little effort and at no risk.  (TPS) absolutely works.  By simply placing online classified ads, we allow members to earn a 100% commission when others respond to those ads and decide to become members as well.  We have members who are earning everyday.

No.   Matrix programs, also known as money doublers, cyclers, and randomizers have a commission system based on a specified percentage of the member’s deposit or from recruiting a specific amount of downline members before they ever earn a dime. Usually you won’t receive a payout until a matrix is filled or a line cycles. (TPS) is not a matrix program of any kind.

To learn more about how the vacations and benefits work, visit:

You will get paid immediately and instantly into your PayPal account for every travel package you process. (This is a Global opportunity so Stripe or Google Wallet or even Western Union can be used to be paid)

The only requirement is for you to pay your one time $47 fee.

However, there is an optional monthly fee for those that are planning to take their (TPS) business to the next level. This includes $30 for a professional (TPS) website with Live Chat an app for your smartphone -just like this one, 24/7 team support chat, 24/7 team promotional chat, team proof group and weekly webinars -to help close your sales. This will also give you the ability to earn $10 per month, residually, for any new member you refer to this optional mentorship service. 

Absolutely. Since you’ll be receiving payments directly from your buyer, you are responsible for paying your own taxes. Depending on which payment processor you are using, you may receive a 1099-K at the end of the year. We recommend that you consult with a tax professional.